Branding Update

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At Harrington Foods we have updated our branding!

Everything inside the bottles remain the same, it is just the bottle, labels and eventually our website that will look different.

Our present Marasca (square) bottles are being replaced by a new style Dorica (round) slightly taller bottles. The labels will change in size and shape too but will still retain some original features making them easy for our customers to recognise.


Delicious & Strange

Benenden Sauce


Benenden Sauce was made to a secret recipe by Sally Harrington, who first began making it in the farmhouse kitchen in the village of Benenden, from where it takes its name. The village nestles in the beautiful and unspoilt Weald of Kent countryside. 

Still a small family-run business, now run by Amelia Harrington, Harrington Foods is dedicated to producing a sauce/dressing that is made in the old fashioned way, without the use of artificial ingredients.

Benenden Sauce is unlike any other salad dressing. It's sweet, tastes of garlic, separates, needs a lot of shaking and is an odd red colour. Most certainly it is not to everyone's taste, however… crowds of people love it. We are constantly getting requests from individual customers who are seriously addicted, urgently need more, and are happy to buy a whole case.

Unlike most salad dressings they use it on everything, from pasta, fish, barbecues, savouries, omelettes, to venison, duck and grilled goat's cheese on focaccia, as well as salads.

Harrington Foods are really pleased to introduce our New Method in the production process of Benenden Sauce and Quiddity Dressing.

Our New Method involves the use of a shearer, a mixer with sharp thin blades instead of a balloon whisk to bind the ingredients together.

Both recipes have not changed at all, however this method will hopefully keep the ingredients together for longer and make it slightly easier for the ingredients to bind again once the bottle is shaken. You may notice a difference in the look of the bottles especially Quiddity and due to the shearer’s amazing combining abilities both dressings will appear thicker for longer and Quiddity may even require a little bang on the bottom of bottle for the first glug to get out. This is something we are excited to introduce without adding any emulsifiers, stabilisers, preservatives or additives of any kind and hope that you are too!


Use as a marinade,
Cheese on toast, BBQs

Is it what we put in - the oil, cider vinegar, garlic, sugar and spices? Or what we leave out - the artificial additives, preservatives and stabilisers? Probably it's a mixture of the two which gives it such an excitingly different flavour, a reminder of what home made sauces ought to taste like.

Benenden Sauce is hand made, in small batches, to a secret recipe. The recipe and production process is painstakingly adhered to in every batch. However as a wholly natural product you must not be suprised to find some variations from batch to batch, season to season. That is what real food does!

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Quiddity Dressing

Quiddity Dressing

Try our new Quiddity Dressing. It's a sweet English Salad Dressing, made with English Mustard and English Malt Vinegar.

Again there are no preservatives, additives or stabilsers. It's made using only natural ingredients, just like you would at home. Try it on your salads.

Why 'Quiddity'? Well it's not a made up word. It means the essence of something, or someone; it's what makes a thing what it is.


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